“Your problem was mostly of an infectious nature” explained the Urologist as he visited after performing laser surgery to correct poor urinary flow due to prostate enlargement. That was myself at the tender age of 46. Those words started my search for a reliable way to stop the infection the Urologist spoke about.

Some years later I came across a very interesting and informative book called ”Take Control of Your Health and Escape the Sickness Industry” Authored by an incredibly strong willed Lady by the name of Elaine Hollingsworth.

Elaine wrote in her book of a substance which in her words, ”Is the finest product for urinary tract infection”. This was my introduction to D-Mannose. I purchased some from a supplier in the United States and after using it on myself found that Elaine knew what she was talking about.

Knowing full well that I was not ‘Robinson Crusoe’ with this complaint I searched and found a bulk supplier of quality D-Mannose so I could offer the product to the good people of Australia.

This was the birth of D-Mannose Australia.

– Ian Christensen